Fresh filtered ice cubes



Do you know what is hiding in your municipal drinking water? Water isn't only for drinking; we cook, bathe and play in the water from our tap.  Protect your family with clean filtered water to help protect against skin irritation, harmful chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals.  

Our home filtration systems require no maintenance and do not waste water or electricity. They are available in entire home, under sink and showerhead options. 

100% Natural Spring Water

Bottle-less water coolers for home and office.

Filtered water for the entire home 

Traditional Brew and Single Cup

Did you know that choosing Crosswater Filtration over bottled water delivery for your home or office is one of the most eco-friendly and cost effective decisions you can make? Crosswater customers save up to 50% compared to traditional bottled water delivery. By making the switch, you can help eliminate a portion of the 38 million plastic bottles that go into landfills every year.

Our experienced staff will walk you through the process of choosing the best filtration system for you. ​Let us assist in getting rid of delivery fees and paying by the bottle. Call today for a free trial!


Bottled spring water, personalized with your brand 


Crosswater is proud to announce that in addition to our trusted water filtration and coffee service, we now offer 100% Spring Water. Our pristine water is bottled at the source, nestled within the North Georgia Mountains and delivered with care, straight to your door.


Whether advertising for your business or making a great impression at a wedding or corporate event, Crosswater makes it easy with our custom label bottles.  Creating your own label is simple, quick, and affordable. Design your own or rely on the expertise of our graphic design team, either way the outcome will be impressive.


Beat the Southern heat with a filtered ice maker from Crosswater. We offer a variety of ice makers including countertop and floor models for your office, job site, restaurant or ballpark. Treat your employees or customers to better tasting, more refreshing ice.

Contact us for more information on available varieties and pricing.

Whether your morning routine calls for one cup of coffee or providing a jump start for the entire office, Crosswater can take care of all your coffee needs

From the kitchen to the board room, we offer single cup varieties, pour over and plumb in styles. Combine our water filtration technology with a plumbed in coffee maker for hassle-free, fresher tasting coffee, free from tap water impurities and flavors.

We offer the freshest coffee with countless varieties to please even the most discerning coffee drinker.