Don't feel the need to filter your whole house, but want clean drinking water?  Try an under the sink filtration system.  Keep your water tasting and smelling great without the waste of running clean filtered water down the drain. This water filter and faucet is installed under your sink for a discreet appearance with several faucet color options to match your current fixtures. 

Options are available in carbon block or reverse osmosis which helps reduce microscopic contaminants, heavy metals,  chemicals and provides better tasting water for drinking and cooking.

Crosswater leads the way in water technology using only the best names in water purification, PENTAIR and EVERPURE water filter and filtration systems. 

Filtered water for the home, customized to suit your needs

Have you noticed hard water build-up in your shower? A filtered showerhead may be the solution without the expense of whole house filtration.  Our filtered showerheads come in a variety of options offering up to 8 different spray functions. The replaceable filter cartage removes chlorine, dirt and odors from the water to give you an extra clean feeling. You can enjoy the comfort of a chemical free shower with the same luxury and relaxation offered by standard showerheads. 

Whole House Water Filtration combined with the Salt Free Water Softener can provide better than bottled water quality from every tap. Start enjoying great tasting water, softer skin and hair while stopping the negative effects of hard water scale build up. Additionally, whole house filtration requires virtually no maintenance and does not waste water or use any electricity. Our filter systems provide the new standard in home water filtration products. Quality, taste and safety are the reasons to choose Crosswater for your whole house water filtration.